Calangute Beach

The prime attraction around our Resort is the Calangute beach. We are located just at a distance of two kilometers from this world famous seashore.  The village was originally named Kolongutt, and currently its name has deviated to Calangute. For our Indian tourists the name Goa has become synonymous to the name Calangute. Though Goa is much more then Calangute, the Calangute beach is the centre point of tourism related activities in Goa.

Activities at Calangute beach

There is so much one can do at the Calangute beach. For starters there are a number of water sports activities. Apart from swimming, one can opt for boating, rafting, parasailing, surfing etc.  If you are a shopaholic then there are lots to buy on the beach front. From home products to handicrafts, from antiques to duplicates, from ethnic to foreign from traditional wear to modern outfits everything is there to be bought. One can just relax on the beach beds of Calangute to get a tan. Or enjoy the beautiful music played in the shacks. Also dolphin and crocodile sighting trips are available in Calangute.

Places to visit around Calangute beach

If one has enjoyed the activities at Calangute beach then why not visit the places around Calangute beach. The St. Alex church in Calangute is a classic example of Indo Portuguese Architecture. At the Kerkar art museum one can view paintings and sculptures of Subodh Kerkar, a prominent artist of Goa. Also Calangute is not all about beach. Resort Village Royale is located in the hinterlands of Calangute. The beautiful countryside of Calangute has a lot of scenic views to offer to all.