Calangute Village

The Village Calangute

Every tourist Indian or Foreign visiting Goa knows by default of the tourist place called Calangute in North Goa. To many travellers there is no place like Calangute. These die-hard lovers of Calangute beach and Calangute fast lifestyle will not want to stay anywhere far from this beach village of Calangute.

The City Calangute

Un-officialy speaking, Calangute has become the City Beach of North Goa. This beach city has everything one wants on a holiday, Plenty of accommodation choices, lots of beaches, Seafood Shacks, Hundreds of Multi Cuisine restaurants, Pubs, Discotheques, Nightclubs, Waterparks, local and tourist markets, temples, churches, Tibetan markets, Football grounds, Fish market, Shopping Malls, you name it Calangute has it all.

The Beach Calangute

The beach of Calangute is the central destination for all Indian Tourists. At any given time all the vehicular traffic is heading straight towards Calangute beach. If you are lost just follow the traffic and you find yourself bang on Calangute beach. Most liked and most loved beach in North Goa. It has got the distinction and designation of being the Queen of North Goa beaches. Head to this beach if you want to bump into your neighbour or friend or workmate holidaying in Goa here.

The Beach Resort

The Resort Village Royale located in an authentic and local village by the name of Dongorpur which in local Konkani language means Village by the Hill. This doubles up perfectly as a beach resort but a little away from the beach as the Resort has continuous Shuttle buses plying regularly to the beach of Calangute and back. So anytime guests desiring for a swim at Calangute beach, there is a free bus ride ready to drop you and your friends to Calangute beach.

The Village Resort

Enjoy living in the natural palm fringed surroundings of a Goan village in Calangute, beach city of North Goa. The Resort Village Royale is surrounded by Goan bungalows and residences of local Goans all around. The Goan village atmosphere is eclectic and melancholy at the same time. A morning walk or an evening stroll will bring Goa even more closer to your heart.

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