History of Calangute Beach

Fishing Village of the 1960’s in North Goa

The beach of Calangute was just one stretch of Sand. The white silvery sands used to stretch inwards a few kms till the current Fish Market of Calangute where on the opposite side stands the Shantadurga temple of Calangute.

Only Houses existed, No Hotels in Calangute in the 1960’s

Calangute way back in the sixties was full of Goan traditional houses, Goan Ancestral houses and Goan Portuguese houses. Hotels were far and few. Tourists had to stay in rented rooms within the huge palatial Goan houses or stay as paying guests with the whole Goan family. Even the courtyard and the balconies used to be occupied and full with the Hippies of the Sixties.

During this pristine time the Beatles Band also discovered Goa to be a clean and green paradise and there is a record of them having visited Goa and having stayed at the Calangute beach of North Goa.

New Age Movement brings blessings to Goa Economy

During the 1960’s and 1970’s there was an on-going movement all over Europe to quietly rebel against everything that was quietly accepted to be the norm of society and the standard of living. Instead of working for 5 days and parting on 2 days of the weekends it became a fashion for the new age youth to work hard in the summers back at home in Europe and to party harder while holidaying in Goa. So every day was a party to be in Heavenly Goa. That time Calangute beach was at its prime, pristine and pure as a Virgin beach of North Goa.

Where the Hippies went the Families followed…….

The Hippies all over Europe were like modern day Pioneers. They used to discover new virgin destinations untouched by commercialization and live and party over there in huge groups. This way they introduced their Hippie Culture which transcended all national boundaries and hence Goa saw the influx of foreign tourists who were more like backpackers, vagabonds or tourists who wanted to see India on a Dollar a Day.

What the Hippies discovered, they could not keep it a secret. Suddenly news spreads like wildfire about a new paradise like destination called Goa with beaches like Calangute and Anjuna and that every village had a beach for themselves in Goa. Soon the stable families wanted to visit these beautiful places wherever the Hippies had visited and stayed and thus began Charter tourism or Packaged Tours to Goa from different parts of the world. In 1974, the Taj Group unwrapped India's first international five star luxurious beach resort, the Fort Aguada Beach Resort in Goa at Sinquerim beach very close to Calangute beach. Thus the beach of Calangute from the first 70’s started getting 5 Star Tourists and rich visitors to Calangute beach.

The Super Rich also wanted Holidays at a Budget in Goa.

Word soon spread all around Europe that (Calangute) Goa in India had hotels and resorts rooms of Star Quality and Standards and were available at budget and affordable prices. So Goa starts seeing some rich 5 star tourists visiting between 1980 to 2000. Holidaying in Calangute at Goa became the cheapest and most exotic destination to get a natural beach sun tan on their white skins.

By now Foreign & Indian Tourists were dancing to the music of Trance.

By 2000, Goa Trance music became the center of the world’s attention. The trance music was introduced by the Hippies and their music and party loving culture. Besides Ibiza in Spain, Goa became the next Trance destination. Calangute by now had become the hub of full day parties, full night parties, full moon parties and the like. From Calangute this party epidemic spread to neighbouring Anjuna beach which became the undisputed party capital of Goa and India.

Goa is Calangute. Calangute is Goa

By the early 2000 to 2010 Goa has become the Mecca of India’s tourist destination. Once is never enough and that’s Goa. Any tourist who visits Goa has to visit it over and over again. That’s the charm of Goa. Calangute and Baga till Anjuna beach become the Millennium destination in Goa. If in India during the Christmas Season, you are supposed to be found holidaying and partying in Goa. Where else? For Example: If 1.5 million or 15 lacs was the local Goan population in Goa, then within a span of 6 months from October to May the tiny state of Goa would welcome around the same amount of tourists to holiday in Calangute beach and other parts of Goa.

Goa in the Sun, Goa in the Moon, Goa in the Rains……..

Goa with Calangute being the Hub of Indian Tourism has become a 365 tourist’s destination. There is something for everyone in all the seasons of Goa. There are monsoon loving tourists who visit Goa even during the rains. Calangute and Goa has truly become an all the year round holiday destination.

Come to Calangute, Come to Calangute, Come to Calangute re…..

Viva Calangute. Up-to-date news reports display that Goa witnessed an arrival of 27 lacs or 2.5 Million tourists to Goa. Out of the 27 lacs only 6 lacs were Foreigners and the rest were Indians. Welcome to Calangute. Be a part of the above History. We have Beach Resorts & Village Resorts for you to stay. Stay at Resort Village Royale at Calangute Village and party at Calangute beach.