Night Life around Calangute Beach

Many factors have contributed in making Calangute the topmost tourist destination of Goa. It all started when the liberal minded locals accepted the hippies and their culture without making a fuss about their unconventional lifestyle. This liberal attitude of the local Calangutkar saw to a rise in the tourism scenario of Calangute as well as the whole on North Goa. The lovely beach provided for lots of water sports activities, and this acted as another major factor to draw tourists towards the beach. But one reason that stands out above all to make Calangute the best is the diverse nightlife activities around Calangute.

Music on the beach

During the tourist season the whole Calangute beach becomes abuzz with music activities. Most of the beach shacks in Calangute play live music for the entertainment of their guests. Also most hotels have live bands or DJ’s in attendance. The revelers around Calangute also at times carry their own music sets and play them on the middle of the beach.  All of the above brings to life the night around the beach of Calangute.

Famous Night Clubs around Calangute

Club Tito’s is the most famous Club in Goa. It is located at the Baga beach which is very close to Calangute. The entertainment here is offered throughout the year. The club caters to both local as well as international tourists. Another famous nightclub located close by is Café Mambo. There are international DJ’s in attendance and live entertainment by a host of performers. This club is part of the tito’s group.

Shopping at night around Calangute

Yes that’s true, there are lots of shops around the beach that are open during night. One can reverse the clock to laze during the day and shop during the night. The Mackies night market is situated parallel to the Arpora river and is fifteen minutes away from Calangute Beach. Apart from the local handicrafts, there is live music and lots of food stalls. On the hills of Arpora there is the famous Clive’s Saturday Night Market. Originally started by German national Ingo it is now run by a Goan Entrepreneur. This market is also closely located near Calangute.