Religious Sites in Calangute

Religious Communities of Calangute

Hinduism is the major religion followed in Goa, comprising of over sixty percent of the population. Christianity is second with about thirty percent. Goa is known as a popular tourist destination but people seldom look at the secular, non communal culture of the Goan people. The Hindus and the Christians of Goa are known to peacefully coexist with each other. In many parts of the country one can see people living in ghettos depending upon religion, caste and linguistic differences. This is not the case in Goa as one can see Tulsi plant of the Hindu household besides the Khuris of the Christian family. The same is the case with Calangute. Being a secular peaceful place devoid of any communal violence has helped Calangute to become the one of the best tourist destination of Goa.  

With religion come the beautiful religious places of worship. Temples, Churches, Chapels, Mosques etc. is a common sight in Goa. Like the rest of India most of the religious structures in Calangute are hundreds of years old. This adds to a certain amount of historical value to them and as we all know where history is there tourism will flourish. This one aspect of Calangute has been overlooked by the tourists flocking to Calangute. So let’s have a look at the various religious places of Calangute.

Saint Alex Church of Calangute

As one approaches the village of Calangute, one is forced to notice the ever imposing white washed structure of Calangute church. The Calangute church has an awe inspiring structure that confuses some visitors because of the dome on top of its roof.

Originally way back before 1576, this was actually a Chapel and the main Church with a Cemetery was built only in 1595 by the Franciscans Catholic order of missionaries with contributions from the Comunidade (village communities) and Gankars (village people).

The present façade of the Calangute church was built in the modern times of 1741 by the village Comunidade (communities). The church has two towers and a outstanding dome (Like that of St. Peter's Basilica in Rome), with its seven altars, the three main being at the center and two sides, devoted to our lady of the Mount, Our lady of Perpetual succour, the sacred heart of Jesus & Mary and the Our Lady of the immaculate Conception.

Feasts held at St. Alex church:

22nd July

Feast of St. Alex - Patron

11th February

Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes

15th August

Feast of Our lady of Assumption

8th September

Feast of Our Lady of Mount

8th December

Feast of Our Lady of Immaculate Conception

Temples of Calangute

If one travels around the South Goa they will find it very easy to distinguish between the Hindus and Christians due to the different dialects of Konkani spoken. But this is not the case with Calangute as both the Hindus and the Christians speak the same dialect. This has further strengthened the unity of the village community.

Calangute has many different wards which are locally known as waddos.  In Goa each Ward mostly has its own temple. The temple is mostly dedicated to the Rakhnno or guardian of the ward. Like the Temple at Umtawaddo Calangute is Thoteshwar Rashtroli Mandap. The ones at Khobrawaddo are Babreshwar Temple and Fondyeshwar Temple. Also at Porbawaddo we have the Shree Shanta Durga Temple. Most of this temples are historically significant and the tourists visiting Calangute must make it a point to stopover at these temples.