Water Sports activities around Calangute Beach

Jet Skiing

Skimming the surface of the Arabian Sea on a jet-ski has become quite the sport in recent years. Not for the weak hearted person for sure. This water sport in Goa needs Stamina and Skill and the tourist should be a thrill seeker to the core.

Speed Boat Rides

The speed boats at Calangute are also called Water Scooter Rides. They have a front handle that is almost similar to a road scooter or bike and hence the name. Water scooters are pretty fast and one can surf the waves with ease. Life jackets are a must as the speed boat can throw its rider on sharp turns on the ocean waves.

Banana Boat Ride

This is an activity filled ride on an inflated boat balloon that is in the shape of a yellow colored banana. The banana boat has rope handles at regular intervals on its body for the riders to hold on to. The main purpose of the banana boat rider is to throw the tourists/guests out in to the sea. The winner is the person who continues to hold on to the banana boat.

Joy Boat Ride

For the not so adventurous tourists, who just want to laze over the waves of the Arabian Sea there are Wooden boats with Motor and Shade Roof which organises regular joy rides into the Calangute sea.

Dolphin Spotting Trip

This activity can be done only very early in the morning around 7 am as this is the time the friendly dolphins come up mainly for oxygen but they also come for their early morning breakfast and also to play.

Deep sea Fishing Trip

If you like to do some fishing and that too serious fishing, then you need to join the fisher folk of Calangute on an organized deep sea fishing trip especially for tourists. They take you so deep in their huge motorized boats that suddenly the Goan horizon disappears out of sight.

Para Sailing

This is the most adventurous and the most fun filled activity to be done on Calangute beach. Every Indian tourist loves to participate in this mind blowing activity. Fly like a bird over the Calangute seas in Goa.


This is a lazy activity but done on the waves of Calangute beach. Air filled pressurized Tubes are provided on hire to lie and float on the Goan Seas. Black rubber tubes are fun to float on Calangute seas.

Baga Beach to Anjuna Flea Market Boat Ride

This boating trip facility is active only on Wednesdays and is available a little away from Calangute beach at the Baga beach end. Anyone can climb one of the many boats that ferry customers over and around the Baga Hill to reach to the Anjuna beach where the Flea market is organized.